Pennsylvania Woodworks Clothes Drying Rack

Pennsylvania Woodworks Clothes Drying Rack

About The Product

  • Heavy-Duty Maple Hardwood: Forget flimsy bamboo & chintzy metal drying racks. This one comes in solid maple for rock-hard durability. Holds full loads of soaking-wet laundry without even wobbling.
  • Furniture-Grade Construction: Made in Pennsylvania’s Amish Country (USA), this hand-crafted laundry drying rack features thick 1-1/4″ hardwood slats & 3/4″ wood dowels for strength & stability.
  • Best for Blankets, Bedding & More: At 70 inches high x 48 wide x 23 deep, this XXlarge folding drying rack offers 47 feet of dryer space. Ideal for bulky items, from beach towels to quilted comforters.
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  • Folds Down Flat in Seconds: Your folding clothes drying rack arrives already assembled. Simply unfold to set it up, then fold it down for storage. Easily fits anywhere – in closets, under beds & so on.
  • Won’t Snag Your Delicates: Fine lingerie? Sheer hosiery? No problem. Your Pennsylvania Woodworks laundry hanger dryer rack is unfinished (so it won’t stain) & dowels sanded smooth (so it won’t snag or tear).

If you are not sure of the importance of buying products made in the USA, please visit our main site where we make a very compelling case on the virtues of buying American products and in this case the Pennsylvania Woodworks Clothes Drying Rack.

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Finally, a Drying Rack That Stands Up to Your Heaviest Laundry

Had it with rickety racks that topple at the drop of a towel? Check out this heavy-duty clothes drying rack from Pennsylvania Woodworks. Crafted by expert woodworkers from solid maple hardwood, it’s engineered for sturdy stability. So, you can safely hang anything from wet, soggy swimsuits to big, bulky blankets and bedding, depending on the size rack you choose.

What about dressier garments? No worries. With its smooth sanded surface, this premium hanging rack won’t catch, snag, or tear your clothing. Safe for all your delicates, including your sheerest hosiery and finest, silkiest lingerie.


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Rock-Solid Maple Hardwood

Why settle for spindly Bamboo? Your Pennsylvania Woodworks laundry rack is entirely made of maple, one of America’s strongest hardwoods. With its fine grain and higher density, it’ll take tons of wear and tear and last for a lifetime (and longer).


Heirloom-Quality Workmanship

Sanded for silky smoothness, this foldable standing laundry rack has the look of fine hardwood furniture. Each durable slat measures a full 1.25″ wide and 3/4″ thick, with 3/4″ wooden dowels (no ugly metal screws).


Freedom is just a few steps away

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Perfect for Air-Drying Indoors and Out

Nothing compares with the fresh scent and soft feel of air-dried clothing and bedding. Set your Pennsylvania Woodworks clothes drying rack outdoors for sparkling-clean freshness. Or, use it indoors anywhere in your home. Ideal for condos and apartments.

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Proudly Made in the USA

Forget those chintzy foreign-made laundry racks. This hand-crafted folding drying rack is made right here in Pennsylvania, home of skilled Amish craftsmen who’ve been plying their trade for centuries. You’ll spot its all-American quality as soon as you open the box. Arrives pre-assembled – simply unfold it (like an accordion) and you’re set.


Tastefully Hidden Hardware

No ugly metal bolts. No tacky plastic end caps. Your Pennsylvania Woodworks dryer rack has solid maple dowels, sanded smooth and flat so you can hardly even see them. You’ll love the elegant difference.

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Collapses for Compact Storage

All finished using your drying rack? Simply fold it down flat, then slide it anywhere – in a closet, under a bed, even in a very tight space (like between your washer and dryer).

Better for Your Clothes (and Your Budget)

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Your clothes won’t shrink, but your electric bill certainly will!

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