Our mission is to encourage the American people to consider buying American products when making a purchase. We do this on a continuing basis by extolling the many virtues of buying American products.

So why are we doing this?

The main reasons we do this are to put Americans back to work in good manufacturing jobs and/or to save the jobs of Americans currently in manufacturing jobs. It’s also nice to know that this helps other people have jobs that support either directly or indirectly these manufacturing jobs. After all, statistics show that one new manufacturing job helps create more than three other jobs. A couple of other benefits are that it reduces our trade deficit with other countries and it increases our tax base.

What are we asking of you?

whyThis is a very complex world we live in and these days it is very hard to determine what is an American company and what is not. We don’t think it would be realistic to expect the American consumer to have to do extensive research to determine the ultimate parent company of a manufacturer and, to be honest, we don’t really care who that parent company is. Profits are going to end up with the shareholders no matter what. All that we are interested in is if the product is made in the USA by American workers. This is what really helps American families and American communities. Now what constitutes a product made in the USA? Does it have to be 100% made in the US or is 75% or 50% acceptable? Well, that’s up to you to determine. If we have got you considering buying a product made in the USA then we have done our job and we trust you to use your best judgement. After all, 50% may not be great but it is better than 49% or less. So all we ask is that you consider buying American made products. If, after considering buying American and all the benefits that brings, you end up with an imported product, don’t beat yourself up. Obviously the American made product, if there was one, wasn’t right for you in some way. Exercising your freedom as an American to choose the product you want does not make you a bad person or unpatriotic and you at least made the effort. The fact that you are here reading this shows you want to make a positive difference in this country and for that we salute you.

One last thing – it’s very important!

Now please help us by making a donation using the link to the right and help spread the word to others and encourage them to consider buying products made in the USA and to visit this site. We have provided several links below to help you post through social media.

Thank you.

The Buy American Campaign.