Inteset 10-32 Amp, Portable EV Charger

Inteset 10-32 Amp, Portable EV Charger

About The Product

  • Works with all US EVs using a Rugged, UL Safety Certified SAE J-1772 Connector Fast, 32a 240v Continuous Use Charging (7.7kW), 25 Foot UL Listed Cord
  • Includes Heavy Vinyl Carrying Bag and Quick-release Wall Mount Bracket for Convenient Portability Indoor or Outdoor Rated Use (IP 65 – do not submerge in water)
  • OLED Screen – Visible in Bright Sunlight – displays amps, volts, temp, charge time, start time, kWhs added, total kW LED Status Indicators – indicates idle (solid blue), connected (pulsating blue), charging (scrolling blue), fault (red)


  • Adjustable Amperage Output – 10a, 13a, 16a, 32a Time Settings (set charging start time in 1-9hrs) GFI Protection and CE certified with UL listed cable, US-based Support and 2 Year Warranty

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Product Description

The Inteset 10-32 amp portable EV charger is as small as a liter bottle yet can charge your EV at a 25mi/hr rate – that’s 6 times the speed of a typical household outlet. Despite its tiny footprint, it’s packed with features including a bright OLED display, cool-blue LED status lighting, adjustable amperages (10, 13, 16, 32), and the ability to set the charging start time up to 9 hours in advance. With the included, quick-release mounting bracket and carrying bag, the charger is ideal for both fixed and on-the-go charging. The unit is rated for inside or outside use and has a thin, 25ft, flexible cable for easy re-coiling. All this and US-based support.

* Requires a NEMA 14-50 receptacle using a 50amp circuit breaker installed by a licensed electrician.

Adjustable Start Time Delay

Take advantage of better utility rates and set a charging session start time delay. Subsequent charges will retain the last set delay time.

Bright OLED Information Screen

View the details of the status and charging session information including:


  • Charging Phase
  • Charging State
  • Added Charge
  • Set Amperage
  • Set Time Delay
  • Charger Temperature
  • Real-time Amperage/Voltage/Power
  • Elapsed Session Time

Adjustable Amperage Output

With the press of a button, change the Amperage output to match the circuit capability. The amperage setting will be retained in subsequent charging sessions.

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