Inteset 21ft 40amp J1772 EV Extension Cord

Inteset 21ft 40amp J1772 EV Extension Cord

About The Product

  • Extend the length of your charging station cord – 40 amp continuous use Indoor and outdoor (IP65) – do not submerge in water. This is not a charger. It extends a charger cable.
  • Portable – light weight, includes carrying bag. Ultra-flex, high quality cable – Made in the USA – won’t stiffen in cold weather for easy coiling. Works with all Type 1, SAE J1772, Level 1 and 2 chargers
  • Compatible with all vehicles that accept the J-1772 connector (including Tesla’s with adapter) All pins machine crimped for better conductivity, strength, and safety.
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  • 2 year warranty. ASSEMBLED and SUPPORTED in the USA. All indoor/outdoor UL recognized parts (connector (cRUus E364477), receptacle (cRUus E364477), cable (UL 62))

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No EV driver should be without this safe, extra long, EV charging station extension cable. The high-quality Inteset J-1772 compatible, extension cable with carrying bag is the perfect solution. You can connect the charging station’s plug to the J-1772 compatible extension cable’s receptacle, then connect the cable’s plug to your vehicle. The extension cable can bypass two to three vehicles in the way. This lightweight, portable, Inteset extension cable is built in the USA with UL recognized components to ensure quality and your safety. The pins inside the connectors are fastened with a precision, industrial crimper to provide ultimate strength, conductivity, and safety. The ultra-flexible cable is made in the USA and is designed to easily coil even in very cold weather.


  • Part: 12, 21 or 30ft SAE J1772 Extension Cable
  • Rated Current: 40 amp
  • Package Dimensions: 16in x 12in x 4in
  • Cord Length: 12, 21, 30 ft options
  • Type: SAE J1772 compatible
  • Charger Compatibility: Level 1 and 2
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • Cable Rating: 105c dry, 60c wet, 600v


NOTE: You must plug the extension cable into the charger connector first and then plug the extension cable connector into the car. The extension cable must be powered first or it will not send a signal to the charger to initiate charging.

Made at their Headquarters near Boston, Massachusetts, USA

made in usa


UL Listed J-1772 Plug with Cover

plug with cover

UL Listed J-1772 Receiver with Cover

receiver with cover

UL Listed Flex-Cable Made in the USA


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