SwaddleDesigns Cotton Flannel Sleeping Sack

SwaddleDesigns Cotton Flannel Sleeping Sack

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SwaddleDesigns Cotton Flannel zzZipMe Sack is a soft and cozy wearable blanket made from the same breathable 100% USA cotton flannel as their Ultimate Receiving Blankets. Experts recommend wearable blankets when babies are ready to graduate from swaddling. Their zzZipMe Sacks feature a 2-way zipper which zips down from the top, making it easy to place baby into sack, and also zips up from the bottom, keeping baby snugly warm during diaper changes. So easy! The cotton zzZipMe Sack has a TOG rating of 0.7, which is best for temperatures of 72-78 degrees F, to keep baby cool in warmer weather. Coordinates with a variety of our quality baby essentials. Machine wash gentle. Proudly made in the USA from USA cotton.

About this item

  • Cotton,flannel
  • Proudly made in the USA using USA cotton with ultra soft trimmed edges of imported satin-polyester.
  • Handy 2-way zipper for easy wearing and diaper changes.
  • TOG rating of 0.7, best for temperatures of 72-78 degrees F.
  • Sizes: Small (0-6 Months, fits up to 28 inches), Medium (6-12 Months, fits up to 32 inches), Large (12-18 Months, fits up to 35 inches).
  • Coordinates with a variety of their quality baby essentials.



If you are not sure of the importance of buying products made in the USA, please visit our main site where we make a very compelling case on the virtues of buying American products and in this case, SwaddleDesigns Cotton Flannel Sleeping Sack.

Thank you for buying American.

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Replace Loose Blankets for Safer Sleep


Why You Need One

Experts recommend a wearable blanket when baby is ready to transition from swaddling. Sleeping sacks replace loose blankets for safer sleep.

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Ready to Roll?

When baby shows signs of rolling onto stomach it’s time to use a Sleeping Sack.

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Ample Leg Room

Generous sack size gives baby’s legs full range of motion. Hip healthy design.

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2-Way Zipper Makes Sack Easy to Use

Easy to place baby in sack by opening sack with top zipper. Easily access diaper by opening sack with bottom zipper. No struggling to connect the zipper at baby’s chin.

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