Luxury Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

Luxury Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

About The Product

  • UNLIKE OTHER AROMATHERAPY SHOWER BOMBS THAT ARE factory-made tablets in China with strong artificial fragrances, wrapped in pesky plastic shrink-wrap, melts quickly and are packaged in thin flimsy boxes and pouches, their shower aromatherapy steamers are HANDMADE IN THE USA WITH PURE ESSENTIAL OILS with NATURALLY DELICATE SCENTS, are wrapped in EASY-TO-REMOVE EARTH-FRIENDLY foil, LASTS FOR LONG SHOWERS, and are packaged in a hard LUXURIOUS READY-TO-GIFT keepsake box.
  • TRANSFORM AN EVERYDAY ROUTINE INTO A THERAPEUTIC STEAM SHOWER AS YOU inhale relaxing shower scents through the best effervescent calming shower bath steamers that only Nature can provide. Escape to a place of no stress and anxiety. EACH DAY WILL BE A NEW BEGINNING allowing you to BE ENERGIZED by day, & helping you to RELAX, UNWIND & SLEEP BETTER by night. Opt for the shower tablets aromatherapy enthusiasts crave to experience diffuser quality aromas. SAY YES TO THE BATH BOMBS FOR SHOWER LOVERS!
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  • TAKE YOUR DAY FROM CHAOS TO CALM WITH THEIR aromatherapy shower melts! With 6 essential oil shower bombs in 1 shower steamers set, you will forget that long day of work & chores as you smell the aromatic shower steam vapor. Each aromatherapy shower steamer tablet will SAVE YOU TIME unwrapping and cleaning! Foil wrap lets you peel and go! No pesky flowers or colorants like the other shower tabs & disks- Just rinse the fizzy bomb residue away! These are the shower bombs for women who value time!


  • INTRODUCE SOMEONE TO THE GIFT OF A PERSONAL SANCTUARY AS their shower bursts them into bliss with each natural essential oil shower steamer. Give the gift of INDULGENCE THAT REPRESENTS YOU WELL, or use for SELF- PAMPERING TO AWAKEN, REFRESH & STRESS RELIEF. Indeed, the shower streamers aromatherapy lovers need! Their shower bombs aromatherapy gift set for women also sets itself apart from others by acting as a decongestant & shower soothers dissolving tablets for colds, sinus, allergy & congestion.

If you are not sure of the importance of buying products made in the USA, please visit our main site where we make a very compelling case on the virtues of buying American products and in this case the Luxury Aromatherapy Shower Steamers.

Thank you for buying American.

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A Luxurious Aromatherapy Experience …. Right At Home

aromatherapy experience

GET TO YOUR SHOWER QUICKER! FRUSTRATION-FREE EASY FOIL WRAP-Just Peel To Open! No Need For Scissors Or Knife To Open Difficult Plastic Shrink Wrap!


LOVE AND CALMNESS AT FIRST INHALE! Experience Nature’s Bliss In Just One Shower

larger steamers

LARGE Steamers … For LONGER Showers


release your stress

FOR ENERGIZED DAYS..AND CALMER NIGHTS- Melt Away The Stress and Tiredness With Each Steamer! Because You Deserve It!

made in usa


No Need To Be Concerned About Unknown Chemicals From China

Crafted Right Here In The USA, You Can Trust That You Have A Safe, Trusted And Reputable Product!

Easy Weeknight Dinners with Quick Clean Up

Don’t Know What To Give To The Special Man In Your Life Who Has Everything?

Any Dad, Husband, Boyfriend, Fiancé, Brother, Cousin, Uncle, Grandfather, Boss, Colleague, Friend, Neighbor or Teacher will Appreciate This Gift of Luxury.

No One to Gift This To, Sir? Give It To Yourself!

100% handmade


Which Means..

-Friendlier to the Earth Due To Less Machines

-Original and Unique Steamers

-Focused Attention On Each Individual Product

-High Quality Ingredients, Packaging & Presentation

-Great Support of A Local Small Business

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