East Coast Bedding 2 Pack Luxury Goose Feather & Down Filled Pillows for Sleeping

East Coast Bedding 2 Pack Luxury Goose Feather & Down Filled Pillows for Sleeping

About The Product

  • PILLOW PARTICULARS – East Coast Bedding’s luxury goose feather and down pillows come as a set of 2. Each is filled with 15% goose down – compared to only 5% goosedown used by competitors – and 85% goose feathers. Pillow has an ultra-luxurious 300 thread count all- natural 100% cotton striped shell, with extra coding to prevent feather from leaking out. Available in Standard, Queen and King sizes.
  • SUPREMELY SOFT + FANTASTICALLY FIRM – Their goosefeather and down pillows offer the very best compromise between softness and firmness. It has substance and is not flimsy. Also, you can easily shape it to your personal preference. Fluff it up for cloud-like softness and still get just the right amount of support.


  • FINE FEATHERS – Wake up feeling ‘as light as a feather’ with these premium quality European geese down-filled pillows. Feathers don’t poke out, have no odor, nor will they crinkle or make noise with movement. Another advantage of goosefeather fill is that is it highly breathable and doesn’t hold in heat as memory foam does.
  • HEALTHIER SLEEPING – East Coast Bedding provides natural products which promote a healthier and more rejuvenating sleep. Their bedding is quality made in the USA, hypoallergenic, and RDS Certified (Responsible Down Standard), ensuring that the down and feathers used come from animals that have not been subjected to unnecessary harm. Trust us for all your bedding needs. All customers are backed by our 30 Night Comfort Guarantee.

If you are not sure of the importance of buying products made in the USA, please visit our main site where we make a very compelling case on the virtues of buying American products and in this case the East Coast Bedding 2 Pack Luxury Goose Feather & Down Filled Pillows for Sleeping.


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Lay Your Head Down in Luxury with East Coast Bedding’s Goose Feather and Down Filled Pillows While Completing the Bedset of Your Dreams!

Set of 2 Pillows Available in 3 Sizes:

  • STANDARD: 30oz filling, 20” x 26”
  • QUEEN: 38oz filling, 20” x 30”
  • KING: 45oz filling, 20” x 36”

Rest Easy and Put Your Pillow Concerns to Bed with these Incredible Benefits: 

  • Perfect for side, back and stomach sleepers
  • Offers the best combination of firm support and cloud-like softness
  • Relieves neck and back pain
  • Fluff it up and shape to your personal liking
  • Shell: 100% cotton / Filling: 15% goose down, 85% goose feather
  • 300 thread count
  • No poking feathers, no odor, no crinkling
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Machine washable
  • RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certified
  • Made in the USA

NOTE: Down and feather-filled products are packed tightly during shipping. Upon receipt, remove pillows from packaging, fluff gently, and allow several hours to recover their full loft. Being sealed in plastic packaging may cause an unpleasant odor. A few hours of airing should remove the scent.


               SUPREMELY SOFT

                       Made in USA

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