Vitamix Blender 7500 Series

Vitamix Blender 7500 Series

vitamix blender 7500 seriesVitamix Blender 7500 Series

An evolution in design both inside and out, the Vitamix Blender 7500 Series includes a high-performance motor for quicker and easier processing of dense ingredients, as well as an ultra-responsive Variable Speed Dial and Pulse feature for superior precision. With a modern design and intuitive controls, you’ll enjoy keeping the Vitamix Blender 7500 Series on your counter for daily use.

  • Compact, 64-ounce container is designed to fit under most kitchen cabinets
  • Includes full-color, hardbound cookbook with hundreds of chef-tested recipes



This machine is designed and built for outstanding performance and unsurpassed durability. When purchasing a Vitamix, you’ll enjoy:

  • Making smoothies, hot soups, and frozen drinks in a single machine
  • The ability to chop, cream, blend, heat, grind, churn, and more with a single machine
  • Quick and easy self-cleaning with a drop of dish soap and warm water; just run on High for 30 seconds
  • 120 volt, 50/60 Hz 12 amps (North America)
  • Radial cooling fan and thermal protection system
  • Ongoing recipe ideas and community support
vitamix blender 7500 series

Unit Dimensions:

  • 17.5 in. tall (with container in place)
  • 9.4 in. deep
  • 7.7 in. wide
  • 12.5 lb.
  • Cord length: 6 ft.

Vitamix Blender Base:

  • 2.2-peak HP motor
  • 120 volt, 50/60 Hz 12 amps (North America)
  • Radial cooling fan and thermal protection system

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vitamix blender 7500 series

Vitamix 64-ounce Container:

  • Height: 10.125 in.
  • 64-ounce rated capacity
  • BPA-Free Eastman Tritan® copolyester
  • Blades: Laser-cut, stainless-steel hammermill and cutting blades measuring 4-in. diameter to ensure a consistent blend every time
  • Spill-proof, vented lid with plug for safely adding ingredients while machine is running
  • Soft-grip, ergonomically-designed handle
  • Tamper with collar to prevent tool from hitting the blades

Vitamix 32-ounce Dry Grains Container

The Dry Grains Container is specially designed for efficient processing of dry grains into flour and preparing dough for the oven. This special container along with the Vitamix machine effortlessly mixes batter and prepares dough, creating fluffy muffins, soft breads, light pizza crusts and more. The Dry Grains Container can handle the toughest ingredients along with ingredients like cereal and coffee beans. Enjoy the recipes in the included Whole Grains Cookbook as well as the helpful tips written by Vitamix chefs to help to ensure that every recipe comes out of the oven just the way you expected.

Begin baking with the Vitamix– because there’s nothing like the aroma of fresh-baked goods filling the house to bring everyone together. Includes Whole Grains Cookbook.

vitamix blender 7500 series

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