VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

About The Product

  • VitalSleep’s goal is to enhance one’s quality of life by providing effective snoring remedies. Every snorer is unique and that’s why they’ve created a personalized anti-snoring device that targets the main cause of snoring.
  • VitalSleep uses the same method of jaw advancement that dentists use to open the airway. It molds to your teeth via an easy boil-and-bite fitting process. Plus, you can control the positioning of the lower tray to treat your snoring level.
  • This effective method to stop snoring has helped hundreds of thousands of men and women sleep peacefully and wake up feeling well-rested.
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  • Snoring is caused by a partial obstruction in the throat due to relaxed muscles.
  • VitalSleep opens your airway to improve breathing. It allows air to flow freely without the unhealthy and annoying sounds of snoring. A personalized fit is achieved with adjustable jaw positioning and molded teeth impressions for a comfortable fit.

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vitasleep jaw

Accu-Adjust System

VitalSleep advances the jaw to widen the airway for quiet breathing.

vitasleep - mold

Molds For A Personalized Fit

Thermal fit allows VitalSleep to mold to each tooth for effectiveness. The fitting process is easy and it can be completed in 3 minutes at home.

vitasleep - professional

Used by Professionals

The VitalSleep anti-snoring device is used by sleep and dental professionals.

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