USA Pan Bakeware Half Sheet Pan

USA Pan Bakeware Half Sheet Pan

Baking memories with family has never been easier…



USA Pan bakeware is manufactured for home use with quality materials and craftmanship that professionals expect and novices appreciate. The workhorse of the kitchen, USA Pan bakeware is sure to become your go-to pan in the kitchen; from the staple sheet pan, classic muffin pan, leak-proof springform pan or the esoteric pop-over pan. Featuring fluted surfaces for added air flow, reinforced rims to reduce warping and heavy gauge aluminized steel for maximum heat distribution. Americoat is USA Pan’s proprietary non-stick silicone coating, it is unmatched for easy release & quick clean-up. No matter your skill level in the kitchen, our bakeware will help create kitchen success stories of your own.

Founded in 1959 our multi-generational, family owned, and operated business has been making bakeware that customers have trusted for over 60 years. Proudly made in the USA, committed to providing jobs in the Pittsburgh area while producing the world’s finest bakeware.

USA pans

If you are not sure of the importance of buying products made in the USA, please visit our main site where we make a very compelling case on the virtues of buying American products and in this case, USA Pan Bakeware Half Sheet Pan.

Thank you for buying American.

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USA Pan Sheet Pans in a variety of sizes for every recipe

USA Pan Sheets sweet treats

Sweet treats and baked goods for any occasion

It doesn’t matter if you are making Texas sheet cake, buttermilk biscuits, a buche de noel, pizza pockets or chocolate croissants, every USA Pan sheet pan has generous rims that are easy to grab and keep your baked goods safe, they have a fluted surface for improved air flow and even baking, plus they are made with Americoat, a non-stick coating with unmatched effortless release properties and for quick clean up.

USA Pans - durable

Durable quality for everyday use

USA Pan Sheet Pans come in wide range of sizes – from mini to XL. Use them for utilitarian plates, baking or roasting. They all feature a fluted surface for improved air flow, reinforced rims to reduce warping, heavy gauge aluminized steel for maximum heat distribution and our proprietary Americoat non-stick coating for reliable release.

The quality you expect from USA Pan that will set you up for success in the kitchen!

USA Pans - distinctive

Distinctive Feature

USA Pan Sheet Pans and Baking & Cooling racks are a no-brainer team. Use them together or separately for baking, roasting, cooling, icing…they can do it all.


Make weeknight meals better

Savory foods are no stranger to USA Pan! Perfect for roasting or baking, their Sheet Pans are made with reinforced rims which reduce warping at high temps, heavy gauge aluminized steel for maximum heat distribution and Americoat, the proprietary non-stick coating, which allows for development of a crispy, golden crust AND easy release and clean up.

The USA Pan Difference

fluted design

Fluted design makes baking better

USA Pan‘s unique textured surface allows for increased air circulation which aids in heat distribution. The rib-like texture also reduces surface contact between the pan and baked goods, allowing for superior release and beautiful results from your oven.


Non-stick coating for effortless & consistent release

Americoat is USA Pan‘s proprietary, non-stick coating, naturally non-stick and non-toxic silicone, it is PTFE, PFOA and BPA free. Americoat is clear in appearance and ensures baked goods will release quickly and effortlessly from the pan. helps with easy clean up.

aluminized steel

Reinforced rims resist warping & Aluminized Steel improves even heat distribution

USA Pan pans are made in the USA with type of details that make them stand out, ensure the best baking experience possible and prove their place as the go-to pans in any kitchen. Every pan is made from heavy gauge aluminized steel for superior heat distribution, strength and durability. Rims with steel wire to resist warping at temps up to 450º F. Folded corners for leak-proof pans. Generous edges that are easy to grab and ensure a good grip. Heavy duty, commercial grade quality for the home baker and cook.


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