RockDove Men’s Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper

RockDove Men’s Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper

About The Product

  • Easy on/off clog style slipper with a secure heel collar. 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex and Rubber sole
  • Waffle knit upper ventilates the interior, letting your foot breathe and stay sweat-free; machine washable for easy care.
  • Memory foam insole conforms to the contours of your foot for pillow soft comfort; pamper yourself after a long day at work, or that hard working husband or Dad in your life by giving his tired feet a well deserved rest.


  • Sturdy rubber sole lets you step outside the house to grab the mail or walk the dog without switching shoes. Non-marking and noiseless on both tile and hardwood floors.
  • Product designed and quality inspected in the USA, with a 24/7 US-based support team ready to take care of all your after-sale needs.

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Dedication to Their Craft

Most shoe brands don’t pay enough attention to slippers. The way they’re designed and made hasn’t changed in decades. RockDove’s mission is to take the world’s most neglected shoe and give it a modern makeover. They experiment with innovative fabrics used in performance footwear, and apply design principles from fashion shoemaking. They also spend all of their time on making slippers and nothing else. This focus on a single product helps us stick to their core beliefs in business. These include:

They’re dedicated to making just slippers, because even the most mundane things can make a big impact on people’s lives.

Tiny Mattresses for Your Feet

The sole-crushing shoes or boots you wear during your daily 9-to-5 can wreak havoc on the 100-plus muscles, ligaments, and tendons in each ankle and foot, causing—ouch!—pain. Coming home to a pair of RockDove’s, with their plush memory foam, breathable fabrics, and lightweight soles, feels like heaven for your feet. They’re slippers that let your feet move and groove every way they need to. (Just remember to tell your puppy they’re not his new chew toy).

Breathing Life Into a Boring Product

Many people see slippers and think “they’re just slippers.” And comfort is the only thing that matters, right? They don’t think so. Based in the West Coast fashion capital, they’re constantly scouting the latest fabrics from LA’s Fashion District and star-inspired trends from Hollywood just 10 miles down Santa Monica Boulevard. From chic silhouettes, vibrant colors, to bold prints that never before found their way onto slippers, they’re out to prove that mundane can be beautiful.

Slippers for Frontline Heroes

Throughout 2020, RockDove donated slippers to US and UK healthcare workers and first responders who fought the pandemic on the frontlines. They couldn’t imagine what it feels to be in their shoes, so they gave them theirs – the best RockDove memory foam slippers to rest their tired feet after a long shift.

  • Their Story

    RockDove was created for five birdwatchers of the Los Angeles Audubon Society in 2002. They were their customers, when they weren’t yet a slipper company, but a beachside workshop in Santa Monica, California that resoled hiking boots. For fifteen years they protected the feet of avid adventurers as they trekked punishing terrains across southern California’s mountains and deserts. As their local shoe cobbler, when customers had footwear needs, they came to them. And over time they asked for something that was badly missing, not in their time conquering the outdoors but in their lives at home—quality indoor shoes to console their high-mileage, trail-weary feet. So for Christmas that year, they handmade five pairs of slippers for their long time Audubon customers using a low-cut boot last.

  • The Experiment

    Shoe brands in southern California, where sunny beaches and flip flops rule, don’t pay much attention to slippers. So they had little to build on. However, they did know how to make comfortable, long lasting footwear. Using mattress memory foam, gel insoles, anti-shock cushioning from hiking boots, and more, they designed slippers with the goal of comforting extremely tired feet. Two months later when they sent out a newsletter about their little experiment, customers responded with 350 mail orders. They named their slippers after the most mundane bird they knew, the rock dove (pigeon) often seen strutting the boardwalks of Santa Monica Pier. They’re a memento of where they’re from and what they represent.

  • Inspired by Adventure, Made for the Everyday

    To this day their legacy of creating footwear as if for the most exhausted, adventure-wearied feet lives on. But adventure isn’t always hanging on a rope off the side of a mountain. Everyone lives their own version of it, every single day. They make slippers so that anyone who’s on their feet all day—not just passionate outdoorsmen but teachers, chefs, nurses, cashiers, traffic cops, postal workers, and more—can count on switching into the world’s most comfortable slippers once they get home.

  • The Sweet Spot Comfort Level

    Their quest to get comfort down to a science pushed them to become one of the earliest adopters of high-density memory foam in slippers. In 2004, they reached out to local sleep experts at the Long Beach Mattress Company to source their memory foam toppers, which then molded into insoles. But mattress comfort didn’t exactly translate to slipper comfort. So they obsessively tweaked the density and firmness ratings of their foams to create that “sweet spot” level: one that offers incredible comfort, yet not so much cushioning that you’ll feel like walking in quicksand. Today, at the heart of each RockDove slipper is a multilayered foam construction—a 40-70D memory foam pressure-mapped to every part of the plantar aspect, a support foam that adds firmness, and an anti-shock EVA layer.

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