Orrco Brass Hose Nozzle

Orrco Brass Hose Nozzle

About The Product

  • Easily Adjustable – From a light spray to a strong pressure, adjust this nozzle to fit whatever task you’re accomplishing.
  • Made 100% in the U.S.A. – Sourced, Manufactured, and Assembled in the United States!
  • Heavy Duty Solid Brass
  • Durable and Long-Lasting – Won’t crack or break!


  • Fits Standard Garden Hoses – 4″ length
  • 4 holes inside the tip for improved flow

If you are not sure of the importance of buying products made in the USA, please visit our main site where we make a very compelling case on the virtues of buying American products and in this case the Orrco Brass Hose Nozzle.

Thank you for buying American.

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Adjustable Pressure

The light spray setting is perfect for gardening needs.

Powerful Spray

The powerful spray can hose down sidewalks and tackle your heavy duty jobs.

Shut Off Water Flow Completely

The nozzle can shut off water flow completely by simply twisting it shut.


The nozzle to last you a lifetime! Even running over the nozzle in a car is no match for its durability.

Their Story

Orrco is a family-owned business providing customized precision manufacturing solutions since 1946.

Started as a small screw machine shop by Tom Orr (pictured) after World War II, Orrco quickly became known for a level of reliability few of its competitors could match. By 1951 Orrco had moved from its origins in a small Pittsburgh garage shop to the site of its current production facilities on Orr Road in nearby Greensburg, PA.

Over the years they’ve expanded to their present 45,000 square foot facility, with a dedicated team of employees, and adding CNC Mill-Turn index machines and custom built machining centers that enable them to serve the needs of a variety of industries.

Buy at one of theses fine stores

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