Okabashi Shoes

Okabashi Shoes

When you workout you wear the most supportive comfortable shoes you can – but what about after the workout? Okabashi sandals made from their proprietary Microplast material have arch support that never fails to keep the same level of comfort and stability you had during your workout.

Great recovery shoes allow your feet to breathe, your toes to relax and spread out as needed, and supplies extra cushioning for needed arch support and heel cradling. Slip them on after your next workout or long day on your feet and feel the difference.




Unlike other flips flops and sandals, Okabashi’s superior arch support and heel cup help reduce strain on the knees, hips, and back.


Their signature Microplast material is water resistant, slip resistant, and machine washable, making them perfect for your post-workout shower.




Every Okabashi shoe is carefully designed with foot therapy in mind.

Their designers understand the structure of the foot, how it moves and the impact it can have on other parts of the body. That’s why comfort and support are the foundation of every Okabashi shoe.

Podiatrists and chiropractors throughout the country recommend our products as a supportive alternative to traditional footwear, and customers have found relief from a wide range of foot ailments like plantar fasciitis, arthritis and diabetic foot pain.

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