Liposomal Vitamin C Supplement

Liposomal Vitamin C Supplement

About The Product

  • HIGHEST QUALITY AVAILABLE: Liposomal Vitamin C is at the top of its class, so you can be at the top of your game! Backed by research and tested by doctors, this supplement delivers the highest potency you can find in Vitamin C to improve health, boost immune system function, and assist in reducing the signs of aging.
  • MAXIMUM ABSORPTION + FAT SOLUBLE: This vitamin C supplement is the first line of defense against colds + illness. Our doctor-tested, proven formula is bioavailable and highly absorbent so you retain more of the benefits to keep you as healthy as possible.
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  • 100% PURE + VEGETABLE BASED: Each capsule is guaranteed to contain 1200 mg of pure Vitamin C. Free from gluten, dairy, soy, GMOs, and fillers. Just powerful, potent Vitamin C that delivers all the health benefits you’d expect from a doctor-tested, proven supplement.
  • CREATED + TESTED IN THE USA: Each and every bottle is carefully tested for quality and safety. Feel good about knowing the source of your supplement.

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If you are not sure of the importance of buying products made in the USA, please visit our main site where we make a very compelling case on the virtues of buying American products and in this case the Liposomal Vitamin C supplement.

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Powerful Health Benefits

Vitamin C is one of the most widely recognized and used anti-oxidants in the world. It plays an essential role in supporting the immune system and joints to heal and function properly.

Liposomal Vitamin C supports brain health and cognitive function. It helps nourish and protect skin and hair. It promotes healthy and sustainable collagen production for the body.

        •  – Fast Acting
        •  – Potent
        •  – Vegan
        •  – Non-GMO
        •  – Gluten Free

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