Kettlepizza Pro 22 Kit – Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit

Kettlepizza Pro 22 Kit – Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit
Keeps The Grill Lid Down To Get The Temp Up

Heat rises, so when you lift the lid on your grill, the heat escapes, making it almost impossible to maintain the high Kettlepizza Pro 22 Kittemps needed to cook great pizza.  The pizza oven insert in this Kettlepizza pro 22 kit provides a front opening that eliminates the need to lift the lid on your grill. With less heat escaping, you can achieve pizza oven temperatures in excess of 750°F, temperatures that your kitchen oven can’t even reach, temperatures closer to those of commercial wood-fired pizza ovens!

Amazing Pizza On Your Grill In Less Than Five Minutes

The rule for cooking great pizza is “Hot and Fast”. Grills with the kettlepizza pro 22 kit get so hot you can cook pizzas in 5 minutes or less!

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Buy the kettlepizza pro 22 kit at one of theses fine stores

kettlepizza pro 22 kit is the top of the line KettlePizza kit made for hardcore KettlePizza users. This kit offers the basic KettlePizza unit plus the popular ProGrate/Tombstone Combo. This kit has a “Tombstone” which is stone 15.7 inch x 14.5 inch with a rounded edge. Since it is thicker, it retains more heat and makes pizza placement and removal easier. This combination allows higher dome temperatures for quicker bakes and side access openings for easier refueling.

This kettlepizza pro 22 kit includes a FREE Aluminum Pro Pizza peel. Included with the KettlePizza Pro 22 kit are:

– one 304 stainless steel pizza oven sleeve for 22.5 inch kettles

– two wood handles with stainless steel standoffs

– one hi-temp thermometer

– one 14″ pizza pan – stainless steel hardware

– one 22.5″ stainless steel ProGrate that allows refueling without removal of KettlePizza insert

– one 5/8″ Tombstone shaped pizza stone. Larger and thicker for better heat retention and easier pizza placement

– one firebox which allows higher temperatures within cooking chamber

- one aluminum pro pizza peel with hanging S clip (INCLUDED FREE)
kettlepizza pro 22 kit
kettlepizza pro 22 kit
kettlepizza pro 22 kit

Buy the kettlepizza pro 22 kit at one of theses fine stores

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