Worksman Cycles made a conscious decision many years ago to maintain our tradition of manufacturing our bicycles and tricycles right here in the USA.

Most of our competitors thought we were just foolish and old fashioned believing we could remain viable in the USA, let alone New York City. It would have been far easier to do what most of our competitors did .close the US factory and simply become an importer.

Think of it, you can cut labor costs, cut overhead and just make life easier. But we thought differently .we could control quality, offer greater diversification of product, maintain our integrity, while also allowing hard working American citizens the chance to do a good job and live the American Dream.

It may seem an old fashioned concept, but we actually respect our factory workers and believe in our own abilities. As it turns out, Worksman Cycles outlasted most of the household brand names in the bicycle industry, most of which are simply out of business.


Our Address:

94-15 100th Street Ozone Park, NY 11416


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