We didn’t design wood bicycle frames because we were woodworkers. Hell, we weren’t even carpenters, still not. We took woodshop in middle school, that’s it. We’re just engineers/designers who chose wood as the material of choice for bicycles because of its excellent engineering properties. It didn’t hurt that we had the equipment necessary to make wood bikes, but we also have the equipment and training to make metal bikes, or carbon bikes too, for that matter. Frankly, these materials were half-considered every now and then as relief from the ordeal of trying to create an apology-free wood bike.

It took a great deal of research, testing, trying and crying before we had a good bike. Historically, wood bikes came before metal bikes and we only half jokingly say ‘metal bikes were invented because making a wood bike is such a pain in the ass.’ Well, it is unruly, but we’ve learned how to make it behave in this unusual application and it’s proven to be superb as a frame material and well worth our effort.


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