Match Grade was founded by Alec Reisberg, a 7-year Veteran of the US Marine Corps who deployed two times with 3rd Battalion 7th Marine Regiment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. In 2013, he transitioned into civilian life with an LA-based construction firm, and realized that there weren’t as many opportunities to truly help others in the way that he was used to. This realization, along with a couple years of hard work, led to the launch of Match Grade Apparel, 100% American-made gear that makes giving back look good.

Match Grade believes strongly in keeping our products made in the USA. This core value allows the Match Grade team to invest back into the American economy, keeping jobs here and creating more for Americans and other Veterans. The bottom line is if it isn’t made in the USA, Match Grade won’t carry it in their store.

So…what does Match Grade mean? Technically, the term Match Grade refers to firearm parts and ammunition that are suitable for a competitive match. The goal is to hit the same spot, every time. The only way to do that is to control all of the variables, keeping them consistent. If you have the same high-quality firearm paired with ammunition that is consistent weight every shot, you can focus on building your firing platform, controlling your breath, and working on your slow, smooth squeeze. It is with this same thinking that Match Grade approaches their products at Match Grade Apparel. They realized early on that if they controlled all the variables, they could create an amazing product that they would be proud of. This included finding the right manufacturer here in the US, coming up with cool designs, creating a website that people will enjoy exploring, choosing honest, vetted Charity Partners and much more.


Our Address:

PO Box 8185 Long Beach, California


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