Gardeneer By Dalen Garden Netting

Gardeneer By Dalen Garden Netting

About The Product

  • A MUST IN YOUR GARDEN: Tired of not being able to enjoy your delicious berries because some little bird got to them before you even got the chance to have a taste? The Gardeneer by Dalen bird netting is a perfect solution!
  • HIGHEST QUALITY MESH: This garden netting is made in USA with premium quality, heavy duty 5/8″ polypropylene mesh with UV inhibitors, a special material which is weatherproof, not easy to tear and guaranteed to withstand the test of time.
  • PROTECT YOUR CROPS: Whether a professional gardener or you simply enjoy growing your own organic fruits and veggies, this bird net is an excellent choice for protecting your plants, berries, cherries, crops, fruit trees, bushes, shrubs or flowers!
  • HUMANE ALTERNATIVE: Unlike similar products on the market, this bird netting for garden contains no chemicals or toxins, being completely harmless for birds and small animals. A safe and animal-friendly way of enjoying your garden, without harming wildlife!
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  • EASY DIY INSTALLATION: : The Gardeneer by Dalen plant netting is available in 5 different sizes according to your individual needs, and features a user-friendly design, being easy to install without requiring expensive handymen or professional tools.

If you are not sure of the importance of buying products made in the USA, please visit our main site where we make a very compelling case on the virtues of buying American products and in this case the Gardeneer By Dalen Garden Netting.

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Passionate About Gardens for 45 Years

Since 1975, Dalen Products has been dedicated to providing homeowners with the professional-grade products they need to cultivate a healthy, breathtaking garden. Their passion for gardening began with their founder, Neal Cadwell, who first developed products to establish his own beautiful garden on a plot of land that everyone else in the area had already given up on. Since then, they have put this passion to work creating high-quality, innovative gardening solutions that are designed to help gardeners tackle their most pressing challenges.

Life Begins

Their Products

Scarecrow Devices

Owls and Natural Scaring Devices

Keeping hungry pests at bay is one of the most difficult challenges that gardeners face, and failing to protect your garden from all the creatures who see it as an abundant food source is bound to lead to frustration. Fortunately, their natural scaring devices are the perfect solution to this issue. By mimicking natural predators such as owls, falcons, and snakes, their highly realistic natural scaring devices are able to keep your garden pest-free in a way that is both effective and humane. Simply place these decoys around your garden to convince pests like rabbits, rats, and other vermin that your garden isn’t a safe place for a nice meal – no harmful poisons or cruel traps required.

Protective Netting

Garden Netting and Fencing

If you are looking for a humane way to keep your garden free of pests, installing barriers such as netting and fencing is an excellent option to consider. A quality garden fence is able to keep out a wide range of hungry vermin, while garden netting can protect against all of the same pests while also preventing birds from being able to access your crop. At Dalen Products, they offer a wide range of garden netting and fencing to fit any garden’s size, shape, and aesthetic. Best of all, their high-quality fences and nets are built to last a lifetime and are carefully designed to weather the outdoor elements without any damage.

Landscape Fabrics

Landscape Fabrics

As challenging as it is to keep your garden free of pests, keeping your garden free of weeds can often be even more difficult. At Dalen Products, though, they offer a solution to weed control that doesn’t rely on harmful herbicides or back-breaking work. By covering your garden with high-quality landscape fabric, you can prevent weeds from ever sprouting in a way that doesn’t inhibit the growth of your larger plants. If you are tired of spending hours pulling weeds by hand but don’t want to contaminate your garden with powerful toxins, covering your garden with their made in the USA landscape fabrics is the effortless solution that you’ve been searching for.

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