Cow Ears for dogs

Cow Ears for dogs

Who knew ears were so delicious? Treat your dog to these affordable cow ears for dogs today! They are made right here in America without any artificial additives, preservatives or chemicals.

Cow Ears for dogs are a classic within the pet industry for good reason. Dogs love to chew on some pretty strange things. From your teenage daughter’s retainer to the deepest darkest recesses of your underwear drawer, it seems like there are no boundaries when it comes to dog chew options.

Thankfully, there’s something out there that’s much healthier and tastier than any of the aforementioned items. These cow ears for dogs are an irresistible option for pups with extra large appetites who love to chew on everything in sight. Unlike your cell phone or favorite pair of shoes, each Pawstruck cow ear is natural. You may be wondering, “are cow ears digestible?” or “are cow ears safe for dogs?”. Yes they are! Cow Ears for dogs or puppies are a 100% digestible dog treat for your furry friend.

For owners who are concerned about their pup packing on the pounds, you can take comfort in knowing that these cow ears for dogs are a great alternative to high-calorie delights. An added bonus? Each cow ear is a natural source of important nutrients that help support joint health. Since we care about your dog or puppy just as much as you do, we make our cow ears for dogs right here in the USA to ensure the highest safety standards.

Just like these bully sticks, each cow ear chew is carefully baked and dried in the oven to seal in that savory beef flavor, resulting in a crunchy and yummy treat that stands up to bite after bite. And best of all, we can bet our cow ears are a bit more inexpensive than those shoes your dog loves to destroy.


Made in the USA

Low-fat alternative to traditional pig ears

Natural, highly palatable, & 100% digestible

Baked to seal in natural & yummy beef flavor

Cow Ears for dogs
Cow Ears for dogs

If you are not sure of the importance of buying products made in the USA, please visit our main site where we make a very compelling case on the virtues of buying American products and in this case, Pawstruck Cow Ears for Dogs.

Thank you for buying American.

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What are Cow Ears made of?

When we say these Cow Ears for dogs are all natural, we mean it — just check the ingredients list and you’ll see that the only thing in these chews is beef ears. These Cow Ears are 100% naturally derived and free of any sort of hormones, additives, chemicals, space aliens and preservatives. They are sourced exclusively from real cows, and extra precautions are taken by only sourcing American ingredients. This is done to ensure we’re only offering your dog the best Cow Ears around!

You wanna know what makes our Cow Ears better than the rest?

  • Our Cow Ears naturally help to improve doggy dental health by removing plaque and tartar.
  • Our Cow Ears contain cartilage, which is a natural source of glucosamine and supports joint health.
  • Our Cow Ears are made in the USA from a single ingredient, Cow Ear.
  • Our Cow Ears are extremely palatable for even the pickiest of eaters.


A Few More Details

  • Diameter (approx.): 6″ x 5″ x .25″
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Calories: 3384 kcal/kg, 95 kcal per ear
  • Shelf Life: 36 months (long time, right?)
  • Ingredients: beef ears
  • Crude Protein (min): 90% min
  • Crude Fat (min): 1% min
  • Crude Fiber (max): 1% max
  • Moisture (max): 10% max
Cow Ears for dogs

Made In The United States

This American-made product is sourced and manufactured from quality ingredients. Buy with confidence knowing this dog chew is responsibly sourced and held to the highest safety standards.

Cow Ears for dogs

100% Natural Beef Dog Chew

This single-ingredient chew is made with NO artificial preservatives, ingredients, or chemicals. It’s free from common allergens, like corn, grain or soy. Our chews are cleaned and baked to lock in flavor.

Cow Ears for dogs

Naturally Improves Dog Dental Health

Chewing this product helps to naturally remove harmful plaque and tartar leading to healthier pearly whites and better smelling breath. Keep your dog smiling bright, naturally.

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