American Made Gardening Tools

American Made Gardening Tools

According to the Consumer Reports National Research Center, if Americans were afforded the opportunity to select between a product made in the United States and an identical product made in countries outside of the US, approximately 78 percent of Americans would purchase the product made in America. That is over 250 million people or 6 times the size of California. With that many Americans being in favor of buying American made products, one could safely assume that an America where a greater number of products were made domestically, would be more self-sufficient than it is today.

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Bully Tools

Bully Tools is a manufacturer of exclusively 100% American Made tools. Our 200+ product list of long handled tools consists of garden tools, farm tools, shingle removers, floor scrapers, forestry and other specialty tools.

We operate our own manufacturing facilities in Steubenville, Ohio. Our capabilities include engineering, tooling, metal fabrication, stamping, forming, robotic welding, plasma cutting, heat treating, tempering, powder coating, assembly and packaging.

Quality in-house manufacturing ensures that you will purchase a tool that will stand up to tough jobs and give you many years of service.

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american made gardening tools

Prohoe Manufacturing

Rogue garden hoes are used in gardens from Washington to Florida.  Thousands are in use by commercial growers and individual gardeners.

Each Rogue Tool is still hand crafted. The grinding, welding and sharpening are all done by hand, and quality is still their most distinguishing characteristic. They still make all of their hoes from recycled agricultural disc blades. Not just because it is an environmentally friendly thing to do, but also because it is the best tempered steel for the job. In fact, they feel confident that their Rogue field hoes are the strongest hoes made in the USA.

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american made gardening tools

Goulds Water Technology

“Design and engineering is the first and a critical step in providing the highest quality products in the industry to our trade customers,” said Chris Preston, Manager, Residential Water Products, Xylem. “We design our pumps with our audiences, like well drillers and pump installers, in mind, making sure that our products have the necessary features for smooth, trouble-free installation.”

From concept and engineering to assembly, testing and installation, GWT products continue to be produced with the conscientious pride of a workforce dedicated to quality, the credibility of a 150-year old company, and the high reliability of components and processes critical to ensuring an excellent pump ownership experience.

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