5 qt Artisan Kitchenaid Mixer Review

5 qt Artisan Kitchenaid Mixer Review

artisan kitchenaid mixer5 qt Artisan Kitchenaid Mixer

The artisan Kitchenaid mixer with Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl is incredibly versatile and more than a mixer. It is both rugged and beautiful, with all-metal construction that can stand up to regular usage for years and a huge choice of colors options. It also comes with a high-polish, stainless-steel bowl that has an easy-to-grip handle, making moving your mixture a breeze.

With a handy 5-quart capacity and a high-performance motor, an artisan Kitchenaid food mixer can easily handle mixtures that include up to nine cups of flour. In a similar way to the classic tilt-head stand mixers, these models allow for the top of the unit to lift up and out of the way for easy access to the bowl, which locks securely into place in the solid base.

Artisan Kitchenaid food mixers have a revolutionary planetary mixing action that sends the beater spinning one way while the shaft turns in the opposite direction. That means the entire bowl is involved in the process and all ingredients are mixed.

A beater and dough hook are included with these models, both of which are covered with a white enamel coating that makes them dishwasher safe. There is also included a metal-finish whip that needs to be washed by hand.

These three attachments enable you to get even and consistent results whether you’re making a meringue with the wire whip, a cake batter with the beater, or the makings of a loaf of bread with the dough hook.

No wonder generations of cooks have cherished theirs. Isn’t it your turn?

5 qt Artisan Kitchenaid Mixer Product Information
  • Solid-state control provides speed adjustment
  • 5 Qt. stainless steel bowl features a handle for comfortable lifting
  • 20-cup capacity accommodates the ingredients for up to 4-1/2 loaves of bread, 9 dozen cookies or 7 lb. of mashed potatoes
  • 10 mixing speeds for flexible operation
  • 325-Watt motor offers powerful performance
  • Tilt-back mixer head design provides easy access to the bowl and beaters
  • 67-point planetary mixing action for good results
  • Pouring shield for your convenience
  • Power hub for additional attachments (sold separately)

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